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A WIN-WIN  situation for a healthy, happy client-service relationship is all we want to achieve. Be it in any negotiations, or with the knowledge and skills, we bring the best to our clients with utmost respect and trust.
With 16 years behind me as a Financial Services Consultant and the last 10 years as a Realtor, it has never been more exciting and ever changing.

Learning to better adapt myself and my customers’ needs, I strike for Competency, Professionalism and Credentials that will make me stand out in the forefront amongst other very talented peers in this industry.  
 I also embrace technology that can help me to accomplish tasks and proudly I am internet savvy.
Above all, it is the personal touch that will win friends and clients each time and every time.
The property markets and its landscape is ever changing and we've seen the booms and busts of the market watching many episodes of crisis versus opportunity. Haven't you noticed the exponential spite of the demand,  after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. And this time around, after the COVID Pandemic the real estate demand will be spiked. As you might have read about Singapore being once again the center of the EAST and WEST race towards technology.




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      Asset Progression Planning

- Financial calculation customization
- Timeline planning roadmap 
- Entry and Exit strategies analysis 
- Price and market analysis 
- Conceptual upgrading strategies 

    Extended Services (Partners)

- Conveyancing lawyer
- Offshore and local Banks
- Construction and Reno contractor.

Joining the right TEAM with the right attitude is key to a successful career


As a Financial Advisor previously, I've had the opportunity to manage other asset classes of investments. This has given me the experience & confidence to working and transacted various property types.
Each property type has its own attributes and depending on the horizon and investment objectives, one has to understand the Life-Cycles of each and every product

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To my industry peers and future clients, I’ll look forward to a healthy working arrangements with you in the near future. And to those who are techies and would like to build websites like this one. Click  here for Builderall 14 Days Free Trial

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